2011 Events

11th/12th June - A8OC Annual Meet

25th/26th June - Gti International

13th/14th August - A8-Freunde Treffen 2010 (Germany)

7th August - Audis in the Park

8th October - Audi Driver International




29/11/10 - The A8OC Needs You

The A8OC is undergoing some restructuring, to allow us to provide you with the very best you could want out of your club. A8OC paid members are being asked for their input over here for their input.

29/11/10 - Annual Meet 2011

The A8OC Annual Meet for 2011, will be held in the Midlands next year. Dates have been published already over at the A8OC website so check it out, and book it in your diary.

03/04/10 - Annual Meet details confirmed & published

Intimate details of the content of the A8OC Annual Meet have now been published. Get excited, and get on over to this page to see what's going on.

15/03/10 - A8 Owners Club Annual Meet details announced

Details of the A8 Owners Club gathering can be found on the website now. Follow this link to get the latest info

13/03/10 - The A8OC Website pictures gallery is launched.

Today sees the birth of the A8OC gallery. Here you'll find pictures from various events we attended last year. 2010 looks to be an even better year for gatherings, so keep your eyes on the gallery to see where we've been. Use the "The Club" menu to find it, or follow this link. Gallery

28/02/10 - The A8OC gets a forum.

Yes, you read right!! The A8OC now has a forum attached to it's website. You'll find links in the navigation bar, just register, and you're in!!!

25/02/10 - The new A8OC website is deployed.

It's been a long time coming, and feedback from users has been helpful to say the least. But after a long slog, and some serious time spent putting it together. Here is the new A8OC website.

It is still a bit of a work in progress, but hopefully you'll like it's new style, if you have any feedback please mail it to admin@a8oc.net

08/02/10 - The 2010/11 Model A8 is Unveiled in London

The best news so far this year is that the new Audi A8 has been released. And now it's been officially unveiled in the UK too. Neil Christer was invited along to Audi in London for the press launch, and has a great tale to tell. Coming soon...

More information can be found on Audi's website here.