2011 Events

11th/12th June - A8OC Annual Meet

25th/26th June - Gti International

13th/14th August - A8-Freunde Treffen 2010 (Germany)

7th August - Audis in the Park

8th October - Audi Driver International



About the A8 Owners Club

Initially put together for owners of Audi A8 and S8 models, the club was swiftly re-assessed, and it was decided to include R8 owners too.

Having met with other like-minded individuals, I felt that the only thing that was missing was something which brought us all together as a group, on a regular basis. It is my hope that the club will offer that to all of its members.

We'll be holding, and attending, various events throughout the year. This year, following the inaugral A8OC Annual Meet last year, plans are being formulated for the A8 Owners Club meet of 2010. It should be bigger, it should be better, and (assuming the weather holds off) a lot more fun. Already we're expecting visitors from across the channel, as the A8-Freunde are promising to put in an appearance.